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Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS)
photo of dan andrews   photo of tony colaprete   photo of jennifer Heldmann
Daniel Andrews,
Project Manager
  Dr. Anthony Colaprete, LCROSS
Principal Investigator

Dr. Jennifer Heldmann, LCROSS

photo of John Marmie  
photo of Kimberly Ennico in her lab
small photo of Paul Tompkins in the mountains
John Marmie
Deputy Project Manager

  Dr. Kimberly Ennico
Payload Scientist
  Paul Tompkins
Mission Operations System Team Lead &
Flight Director
photo of Roger Arno photo of Darin Foreman   photo of Victoria Friedensen
Roger Arno
Space and Aircraft Mission Analysis
Darin Foreman
Project Systems Engineer
  Victoria Friedensen
Program Executive
NASA Headquarters
photo of Diane Wooden photo of Leonard Hee   small photo of Brian Day
Diane Wooden
LCROSS Science Team

  Leonard Hee
System Safety & Mission Assurance Manager

  Brian Day
Education/Public Outreach
LCROSS Mission

photo of Richard Alena photo of Kyle Hott   Photo of Larry Linton
Richard Alena
Computer Engineer
LCROSS Mission
Kyle Hott
Northrop Grumman
  Larry Linton
Northrop Grumman
photo of jose cabamo;;as photo of Kathy Gavitt   photo of Jim Munger
Jose Cabanillas
Northrop Grumman
Kathy Gavitt
Northrop Grumman
  Jim Munger
Northrop Grumman
small photo of Emory Stagmer small photo of Craig Elder         photo of Eric Drucker @ Goldstone
Emory Stagmer
Northrop Grumman
Craig Elder
Northrop Grumman
  Eric Drucker
Northrop Grumman

Visit the NASA Mission Site @ http://www.nasa.gov/lcross

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